DiCarlo Productions

About Us

DiCarlo Productions was started in 2003 by Nick DiCarlo and since then has thrived in the Southern California area including clients from the I.E. O.C. LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Arizona,Texas,Indiana, and even clients from India and Korea. Started as a small business at home, DiCarlo Productions is now a fully functional professional studio for not only recording, but for mixing, mastering, production, and rehearsal as well. State of the Art Recording Studio The 3000 square foot building includes: two fully isolated, soundproof vocal booths, a soundproof live drum and instrument room, a control room, rehearsal rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, a lounge including Direct Tv and game consoles, and most important: central air throughout the whole building. We strive to make sure your music comes out professional and to the standard of the music industry today. We have worked with all sorts of musicians ranging from Rock, Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Country, R&B , Jazz, Blues, Hardcore, Dance, Pop, Classical, Foreign, Christian, Internet Radio all the way to Church Choirs. Also we have done numerous voice overs for talents like Tina Vallejo, Jamie Lynn, all the way to Disney including voice overs for Carl Edwards( Nascar driver) for the hit Disney T.V. show “Kick Buttowski”. So anyone looking to record a small demo to a fully produced album, DiCarlo Productions is the place to go. Call now to schedule a tour to check out the facilities for yourself or to book some time. We will be waiting for your call. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Beat Production

DiCarlo Production’s team strives to make the best music the industry has to offer. For help producing and composing your songs, this is the spot to be. We make beats and music for genres of all kinds including Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Punk, Reggae, Ska, R&B, and pretty much other other category you can think of with professional musicians ready to help you live out your dream. Contact us today for a quote on beat production and song composition.


G. Chohan

G. Deep

Nick at Dicarlo Productions helped me out so much in my album process from the recording to the mixing and mastering.. He then helped me get my myspace and web page started and even got my music up for sale online.. THe Album turned out great it and it is all in indian… Nick is very calm and easy to work with.. I felt very comfortable and it was a breeze to get my album done and complete.. I sent my album to India and it is selling incredibly out there .. Thanks, G. Chohan